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Sheena C. Howard is an award-winning author, producer and educator located in Philadelphia, PA.
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Black Lives Have Always Mattered – 2021

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Why Wakanda Matters – The Podcast

“Don’t let your reality limit your imagination.”

– Sheena C. Howard


Comic rants

This Comic Rant is inspired by the Akimbo episode titled “The ethnic aisle” hosted by Seth Godin.

Shanghaiing, New Comic Book

The main illustrator is Genzi Studio. I found them while researching comic book illustrators on the platform. It came down to 2 potential teams. To pick one,

Tales of the Stars, Issue #4 on Kickstarter

This issue is a battle book. You will see Tol’Asha go toe-to-toe with two powerful foes in a no-holds-barred slugfest. This issue will be your first encounter

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