Interview Dr. by Sheena C. Howard with Gustavo Soria

Can you tell us what the graphic novel, The Table, is about?

Set in a fictional Latinamerican country, it tells the story of a group of High School seniors in the mid-80’s that  band together to end a civil war that perverts every facet of their lives. Together, they become a vigilante group that targets both sides of the armed conflict and shapes the history of their nation…but every action has its consequences.

How has the publishing process been for this graphic novel? 

It has been a long process that took many years and lots of trial and error. At first I wanted to go for an editorial that was interested in my book, but many times I got hit with the “We’re only interested in authors from the US” or “We only want stories set in our country”. 

Ultimately, I decided to pursue the self-publishing route: first by posting it as a web-comic, and then by actually getting it out as a physical graphic novel. 

Despite all the hassle and setbacks, I’ve been loving every part of the process. 

What is your long-term vision for The Table and how can fans support your vision?

I do plan on writing a sequel eventually, and I do dream of making a movie adaptation of my book. However, I’m currently working on more graphic novels with the same vibe and aesthetics of “The Table”, that way I can give a variety of storytelling to future fans. 

What is the inspiration behind the storyline?

Lots of countries in Latinamerica had to endure similar situations like the ones presented in my book. Many of the voices of the people who suffered through that usually go unheard, that’s why I decided to start creating a fictional story that captured  the overall feeling of what was living here back then. 

With this, I hope the story becomes relatable to certain groups, and also that might pull the attention of readers from around the world interested in experimental independent works. 

What advice would you have for someone who is just getting started in publishing their work? 

I’d tell them to keep on looking for any possible option. Try submitting with every editorial that you feel might be interested in your work. If not, self-publishing (physically or digitally) is usually the best option for someone that is getting started. 

You need to start letting people know you’re out there, creating great content. Eventually, you’ll start grabbing everybody’s attention. 

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