Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard with David Suhcra

Can you tell us what the graphic novel, Machinations of Eden, is about?

Machinations of Eden is a series that likes to take the various mythologies from Judaism, Greek, Hinduism and Christianity; and tell them in a different narrative by combining them all in a single story.

The story currently follows a young man named “Dism” and his silent partner Ari. Both are Descendants from the “Gods of Old”, like many others in this story. Dism is forcibly removed from his position as keeper of the “Throne of Acceptance”; a High Throne of Eden. He enlists the help of Ari; destitute at the time, To help him reclaim the throne by eliminating the one who removed him; Arch-Lord Archus.

The two will be traveling through 23 different worlds; gaining strength, gathering allies and learning that being born with the blood of the old gods means sharing in their bloody history.

How has the publishing process been for this graphic novel? 

Publishing has been smooth for the most part! I like to publish the story one chapter at a time just to keep anticipation for the next part and to make sure everything is perfect.

In over a year we’ve been able to release a combined 10 chapters! Now that we have a better understanding of the time frame it takes for illustrations, I’m able to release a new chapter reliably every 6 weeks now.

What is your long-term vision for Machinations of Eden and how can fans support your vision?

Vision wise, I’m already planning the series’ alternate universe spin-off! 

But seriously, my imagination and creativity for MoE is at its highest! I have every confidence that this story will be one to challenge the greats out there now and hopefully one day someone in the animation world will see that too and take it to greater heights.

The fans can give their support simply by just watching chapters as they release, which is completely free by the way! I personally write the story and fund its production, so donations are always appreciated, but as long as the fans watch; Machination of Eden will continue to go on strong!

What is the inspiration behind the storyline?

There’s so many other series and franchises that have inspired the story of Machinations of Eden. Other Graphic Novel series, Video games and even some American TV dramas, there’s just too many to list specifically! I’ve actually decided to call the series that inspired MoE the most “The 22 Major Inspirations.”

It’s kind of a game, really! Can anyone guess what these “22 inspirations” are by just following the series? I don’t really have a prize in mind, but It would sure be neat if someone guessed them all with the subtle clues I leave every now and then!

What advice would you have for someone who is just getting started in publishing their work? 

I guess the best advice is the simplest when it comes to first getting started; Just don’t give up!

I’m still really just starting out myself, but I know as long as I keep up the work it’ll pan out some day.

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