Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard with Rod Williams (Creator of The Original Vindicators)

Can you tell us what The Original Vindicators comic book series is about and how many issues you’ve published so far?

On the surface The Original Vindicators is a superhero comic that encompasses my favorite genres- sci-fi, sentai, and horror. An alien race visited earth 10,000 years ago and experimented with primitive man. Those experiments inadvertently created super humans whose progeny over centuries would give rise to legends such as Hercules, Shango, and Vishnu. Now Earth faces the ultimate threat from beyond the stars and our only chance for survival is the descendants of those supermen created so long ago. That’s on the surface, but underneath the story is really about how anyone regardless of race, religion, or gender can be a hero.

Currently I’ve taken three issues to print along with a art book, which are available on my site or print on demand at

How has the publishing process been for this original comic book series? 

The publishing process was a real trial by error learning process. I started developing The Vindicators over twenty years ago and while I was really compelled to share my story I had no concept of how to do it or how difficult an undertaking it would be. This was pre-internet so there was a lot of foot pounding and door knocking. I was also just starting a family so there was never enough time to put in the necessary work. This led to a lot of false starts and weak launches that received little attention. But on the flip side each failure gave me time for rewrites, character development and to expand the scope of my story to the point I am happier with it than ever.

What is your long-term vision for The Original Vindicators and how can fans support your vision?

Eventually I’d like to see The Vindicators have a nationwide release in comic shops across the country. Until now all my sales have been online or at convention appearances, but when The Original Vindicators origin story is complete I hope to make a distribution deal with Diamond distributors for a true debut.

Anyone interested in helping The Original Vindicators reach those goals should visit and share the website The more comic fans know about us the better our chances are. You can also buy me a cup of coffee at Any contribution there goes directly to the production of The Original Vindicators.

What is the inspiration behind the storyline?

I’ve always been interested in Ancient Alien Theory, the concept that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited earth and made contact with humans in prehistoric times. Not that I necessarily believe in it, but I think it makes for great fiction. What if these interactions are for the basis of legendary heroes and gods? And what if their descendant’s still carry the coded DNA to make them more than human?

What advice would you have for someone who is just getting started in comics? 

The best advice I could give to an aspiring comic book creator is to find a story you’re passionate about and see it through. This is a real art form and it requires your discipline and respect. It’s not easy but your passion will keep you focused and see you though.

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