Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard with Kona Chise, Creator of the GISEI series

Can you tell us what GISEI: Volume 1 is all about?

GISEI: Volume 1 is a very twisted and dark story about a villain entitled “The Magician” who’s savagely murdering and completely wiping out different branches of the noble family. The main characters, who are not only assassins but also prisoners, are sent by the warden to assist the royal family, the Nami Clan, with stopping the Magician’s reign of terror against the Nobles. Volume 1 is a complete storyline, containing over 200+ pages and bonus comics involving the Gisei team.

What are your goals for the Kickstarter campaign and what will the funds be used for? This is my first ever Kickstarter campaign, and although my goal is set to reach $5,500, my stretch goal is to reach $10,000. Funds will be used to pay for printing, marketing, and distribution costs for Volume 1 in addition to hiring assistants as I finish working on GISEI: Volume 2, also known as the RICO Arc.

What is your long-term vision for GISEI: Volume 1, and how can readers support your vision?

(Laughs) My super long-term vision is for the GISEI series to be adapted into an animation headed by D’ART Shtajio studios in Japan. I am a massive fan of their work! As for readers, I would love to see a community base of GISEI fans reading and talking about my manga. My team and I always appreciate receiving support through donations to my Kickstarter campaign or through the UE COMIX platform. You can also show your support by liking and following me on social media and sending encouraging emails and comments. 

What is the inspiration behind the storyline?

Mangakas such as Sui Ishida, Tsugumi Ohba, Masahi Kishimoto, Yoshihiro Togashi, Tite Kubo, and Hiromu Arakawa were all creators that initially inspired my journey toward creating the GISEI series. 

It’s truly a series that comes from the depths of my heart. It’s funny and action-packed but also dark and painful. It’s a story about redemption and the harsh struggles faced toward reaching it. And you know, despite what mainstream media might showcase, sometimes the power of friendship isn’t enough to get you through those tough times. And that’s what makes my series different.

Can you tell us about the creative team behind GISEI: Volume 1 and how the process has been with assembling this team of creatives?

To be honest, I’ve been blessed, so lucky, and grateful to work with a supportive, talented, and dedicated team. I met all members of my team by them referring me to people they know and are interested in the project. Cho Chavez, Paint It Red, Kapi Workshop, Notorious, and Mikka have stuck by me through the majority of this process. I also had the pleasure of working with artists such as Seigh Art, Lexi B, and Geo Magallanes. Everyone has helped me tremendously throughout the creation of the GISEI series. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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