Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard

Can you tell us what Rakehell – Quint’s Curse is about and what type of comic it is?

It is a supernatural comic series where the remains of a hidden Templar order collide with dark forces over the damned hamlet of Rakehell. The series will be taking the main character known as “Keeper” to a place I don’t think the horror genre has ever been as well as mixing in the afterlife.

Who is the creative team behind Rakehell – Quint’s Curse? How has the process of collaboration been with the team?

The comic team is myself, Doran Corkum(creator/writer, concept artist, letters), and the talented Ajhay (page and cover artist as well as colorist). The collaboration has been great, we bounce ideas off each other well and I enjoy getting Ajhay’s responses to things, you can tell he loved working on the project. The limited collector’s edition cover was done by Derek Stephens and is pretty eerie. I also got great Kickstarter reward support and enjoyed working with David Ocampo, Igor Teixeira, Ariel Medel(artist for the new Evil Ernie comics), Deivid Deon and Rodney Bennett.

Right now you have a Kickstarter campaign for the comic. Why are you turning to Kickstarter for this project?

I have done the grid on a small level up in Canada, it is fun to do but it is hard to get any traction. You open things up to a way larger community on Kickstarter. I will always do what I do but am hoping to find new audiences to share my stories and creativity with.

Tell us about your Kickstarter campaign rewards for supporters? What can supporters expect?

A unique story with classic horror elements and great art. It is gonna be a “hell” of a ride, with a Ghost Rider style comic mixed with Templar twists then a sprinkle of the “The Curse of Oak Island” and top it off with the afterlife. The rewards tiers are designed for anyone’s budget starting at 10$ CDN and are full of collectable items. I hope we can find the fans to make this happen, we are currently ½ way there.

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