Killer Clones, New Novel on Amazon

Interview by Dr. Sheena Howard with WLVE

Can you tell us what the book, Killer Clones, is about?

An initial draft of this book was reviewed by Kirkus as a fun and politically smart novel. I’d add that the book can be a lil bit dark. “Killer Clone” is simply an AI sci-fi that uses a satirical depiction of the current political landscape to draw the attention to the fact that if we as a society remain complacent toward mass shootings and gun-related violence, if we keep accepting these as a normal part of our life, then some sophisticated AI technology may be weaponized for seemingly random shootings that in reality are just covering up an evil plan.are just a cover up an evil plan.

How has the publishing process been for this book? 

The publishing process has been a frustrating and fulfilling learning experience. I hired a lot of help along the way because I wanted to produce a book that was worth anyone’s time, and because this was my first time around. I learned a lot, and would do many things differently, but it was also very fulfilling because for as long as I can remember I always wanted to write a book. Growing up, a great book idea would pop in my head every few months, and I would be like: “I wish I could sit down and turn this into a book.” I’m pretty sure this happens to most people, but this time around, I just knew I had to do the work, and bring the book to life.

What is your long-term vision for Killer Clones and how can fans support your vision?

The book’s main character, Getty, becomes an unwilling superhero because of the circumstances he finds himself in. I can definitely see future instalments about Getty adventures, and I’m very excited about seeing how to audience receives it. Because that reception by the public will ultimately determine if and when future volumes come to fruition. I have ideas and notes for my next 5 books, and I’d love to receive enough support from the fans to see these materialize. 

What is the inspiration behind the storyline?

The incredible timing of the return of mass shootings in the USA after the lockdown caused by the pandemic moved me deeply and inspired me to write this book. During the lockdown, mass shooting news reports drastically went down (even as violence overall seemed to reach new records). But when the country started reopening to normal activities, between March and April 2021, punctual like a clock, mass shootings were also back to being part of life! I found myself thinking “this cannot be a way of life!”

What advice would you have for someone who is just getting started in publishing their work? 

The publishing business, like the entertainment business is a jungle. And being pragmatic as I am, I’d quite frankly advice anyone aspiring to dabble in this trade to have a plan B. Without a back up plan, it may be very difficult to earn a living from one’s published work. The good news is, if you are drawn to it hard enough, you can keep the passion alive and do your best to manage your time and resources to ultimately bring your work to your audience. And I believe this to be true for all creative works: you might need to do something you like less than what you want to be doing, just so you can get to do the only thing you want to be doing. Jordan Peele, one of the creatives I admire the most, is reported to have worked on this master piece “Get out” for close to 10 years. If that is not passion, I don’t know what that is.

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