Interview by Sheena C. Howard with Brian J. Lambert (Wingless Comics)

Can you tell us a little about Nightfall?

Nightfall is something of a childhood dream.  It’s a crossover mini-series between my publishing company, Wingless comics and our sister company, Constant Hustle Comics.  It’s a classic hero drama wherein our cast of characters are thrown together and must put aside their differences in order to save the world.

Led by Merlin, an ancient secret society sets about bringing the World Devourer, Apep of Egyptian Mythology to our world.  Our cast must first understand what is happening and then prevent the destruction of our world, as long as they don’t kill each other first.

How far do you plan to take the Nightfall series? Where does Pt. 3 The Witching Hour fit into your vision of the series?

Pt. 3 The Witching Hour is the linchpin of the series.  It’s the centerpiece of the 5-issue miniseries.  If parts 1 and 2 laid the groundwork, then pt. 3 throws down the gauntlet.  The stakes get higher for all of our heroes and not all the battles they fight are won.  It’s hard to come back from a loss, but that’s exactly what they have to do, in order to prevent the Nightfall.  The choices our heroes make in this issue will determine what happens in the next two issues, as the series races towards its conclusion.

What inspired you to create the series?

I’ve always wanted to do a crossover-type story, even before getting into comics.  I loved the old X-Men crossovers and things like Marvel VS. DC.  So once I broke into the indie comic industry,  had my sights set on it.  Getting the chance to work with Constant Hustle’s Avery the Astonishing, along with Wingless Comics’ own Justice, Kaliburn, Lux, HER and the rest of the cast was awesome. I also wanted to make a quality independent project that could stand next to the likes of the big studios.  I wanted each piece to be representative of what we could and will do as indies.


Tell us about your Kickstarter campaign? What are you raising money for?

This campaign, as will always be the case for Wingless Comics, is a pre-order campaign.  Nightfall Pt. 3 is already completed.  We use Kickstarter as a printing and shipping platform only.  Our true goal is to get funding to 10k so we can ship issue 4 to all current backers IMMEDIATELY.  We want to get this story out to the world.

What are some of the Kickstarter rewards? Why should people support this campaign?

In addition to the standard rewards of the book itself, supporters get three 11×17 prints.  Constant Hustle has added 2 shirts as add-ons to the campaign and Wingless Comics has debuted 2 new character shirts as well.  There’s also a cameo tier, where you can be immortalized in the pages of Wingless Comics.  My favorite tier is for creators.  You get a chance to work with Wingless Comics to produce your own 3-page comic.  We’ll take you from idea, through the scripting process, all the way to the finished comic.  It’s a unique chance to see how we create and create along with us.


Can you tell us a little about the creative team? The artwork is solid. Who are the artists and what is the creative process like?

Fabio Simao is the Nightfall illustrator and he’s also the main illustrator for Justice, from Wingless Comics. His style is very reminiscent of the 90’s Jim Lee, Michael Turner, Joe Mad, Alan Silvestri era.  Nestor Redulla Jr, is the main colorist for both Nightfall and Justice.  I like to call them the Comic Dynamic Duo.  It’s a pleasure working with both.  Nestor’s colors add a moody ambience to Fabio’s lines. Lastly, the team over at RuneMakerz brings it all together with excellent lettering.  It’s really that team that makes the difference.  They take the ideas that I script and meticulously create each image, sometimes better much better than I ever imagined them.


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