Interview by Dr. Sheena Howard with Chance Edgerly

Can you start by telling us a little more about the storyline behind your new comic, Eye for an Eye?

Yes, of course, in the empty quiet of a skyscraper under construction, an assassin preps for his next job. Across the street, he watches two men in a diner, one interviewing the other for a possible employment opportunity. Their seemingly innocent conversation turns on its head and turns into an emotional game of cat and mouse. A deadly mistake, a secret exposed, and an assassin waiting in the wings. Eye for an Eye is a slow burn with a bloody ending.

What are your short-term and long-term goals for Eye for an Eye?

Short-term, I plan to kickstart Eye for an Eye, ideally in early June. That will be the first book I’ve published under my imprint Edge Comics. Long-term, I hope to capitalize off of Eye for an Eye and continue publishing my future titles under Edge Comics as well as expand into ongoing webcomics and board games. All of which will be available at my website

Who is the creative team behind Eye for an Eye, and how did you assemble your team?

Eye for an Eye, written by myself, illustrated by Stan Yak, colored by Robert Nugent, lettered by HDE Smith, and designed by Danny Preston. I reached out to Stan after seeing his work on TMNT: The Last Ronin. Once he was on board, he recommended Robert and HDE as he had worked with them before. Danny came recommended by my editor Martin Eden.

What advice do you have for creators trying to get their first book published?

Just keep going, keep writing, keep drawing, keep creating. Do your research on how to be published or how to self-publish your work, and then keep pushing yourself to pursue it. There are so many resources out there to help you achieve your goals. Don’t give up. Don’t wait to chase your dreams.

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