Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard With Ume Haruto

Can you tell us what Villain Of My Own Story is about and how many issues you’ve published on so far?

It’s about a guy named Kenzo on how he became the villain of his own story. He was a sweet and caring person who never wanted to hurt or leave anyone who he cared about but his own people betrayed him which led him to choose an evil path.

I have had to go through a lot of issues since I published “Villain Of My Story” On Webtoon. First issue was that they removed my episodes saying that I broke some rules which scared me a lot. Instead of appealing, I deleted the series and decided to publish it again after making some edits, which is exactly what I did but the second time I messed up. I forgot to post some pages so I had to delete the series again and had to publish it again and finally everything went ok.

What is your long-term vision for the Villain Of My Own Story series and what is the inspiration behind the storyline?

To be one fo the best! To have his own Anime someday [This is gonna be really hard but that’s what I want]

Since I was a kid I used to imagine fairy tales in my head. I know it’s weird but that’s how I was because I used to watch a lot of Anime’s and that led me to write my own. 

What has been your biggest challenge with producing this series so far? What advice would you have for someone who is just getting started in indie comics production? 

My biggest challenge was to find confidence in my script. I was really scared. I thought people would make fun of my script because I grew up in a place where people knew nothing about Anime or comics so they made fun of the person who did it. Because of that I lack confidence but then my savior came who motivated me, who said “believe in yourself” and that’s how I was able to start working on the webtoon comic. The person who motivated me is my little brother, so I would thank him because without him I wouldn’t have been here.

My advice to new creators is to believe in yourself and just do it, don’t think “if my story is perfect or my art”, just do it because everything can’t be perfect and everyone learns from their mistakes.

Check out the trailer on YouTube below …

Villain of My Own Story

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