Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard with Daniel Foster of Start2Finish Comics

Can you tell us what Torment: Descension is all about? 

Torment: Descension is about David and Grace Mills. They were enjoying the greatest moment of their lives when their first child, Matthew, was born. This monumental moment becomes the couple’s worst nightmare when Matthew becomes deathly ill. How far will a father go to save his child, his family? In this first book of the Torment trilogy, you will follow David on his supernatural journey as he struggles with his own morality in the choices he must make to save his infant son in this classic tale of good versus evil.

What is your long-term vision for Torment: Descension, and how can readers support your vision? 

Please get on the Torment bandwagon and join David on his supernatural journey! This is only the first book of the trilogy. The second book is already written and I am currently drawing it. There is a lot more to come from Start2FInish Comics. I would love for the comic community to pick up a copy of Torment: Descension and let me know on social media what they think about it. I enjoy nothing more than getting feedback from readers. If you enjoy the book, please tell your friends. It would be very exciting to create some buzz for part two of the story! 

What is the inspiration behind the storyline for Torment: Descension

My main inspiration was to write a storyline about a good person that is forced to do bad things. I want the readers of Torment: Descension to explore the not-so-simple concept of how an unethical act can be rationalized as morally acceptable. Everyone has a moral compass that guides them through decisions of right and wrong, but what happens when people are faced with decisions that are not so black and white? Are your choices so easily defined as right and wrong if you think you are making them for the greater good? I think someone caught up in this kind of moral dilemma can make for a good story. I hope my readers will feel the same way.

Can you tell us about the creative team behind Torment: Descension and how the process has been with assembling this team of creatives? 

I am the creator, writer, and illustrator of Torment: Descension, but this is my first graphic novel, so the learning curve was steep. I have been drawing comic pages my whole life, but I had never drawn pages that would be in a published book. Once I brought in my letter, Jimmy G, and colorist, Gregory Ottaviani, on board things became easier. Both of them had worked on published books before, so they were a great resource for my questions. Once I got the hang of properly setting up my pages, the process became very streamlined. I look forward to working with Jimmy and Gregory on the next book of the trilogy.

What advice do you have for upcoming creators who might be in the process of trying to finish their very first comic book or graphic novel?

STICK WITH IT! I am a software developer who had a dream of publishing a graphic novel. I wrote the Torment: Descension script back in 2019. Between my regular job and my family, it took me over three years to draw the 136-page book, but I stuck with it. If you are struggling to find time to complete your first comic or graphic novel, don’t give up! Once you overcome any hurdles you were having and complete it, you’ll know the persistence was worth it.

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