Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard with Nigel Lynch

Can you tell us the storyline behind your new comic, The Diary of The Stray Dogs: The Wounded?

‘The Wounded’ is the first comic book to be released in a larger series called The Diary of the Stray Dogs. Set in a futuristic cyberpunk world of the 2130s, it tells the origin story of one of the main characters in the greater series Shani Belcourt, the main protagonist. Shani is a young pilot of Caribbean descent employed by a security firm, who hits the town for a night of fun and games. But after meeting Rosa, an adventurous bike courier, things take a turn for the worse.  

This is all brought to life by the amazing artwork of Juan Carlos Francisco and the beautiful colours of Edward ’King’ Bola.

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You are currently running a crowdfunding campaign. Can you tell us what the funds will be used for and what rewards are offered to backers?

We are currently running an Indiegogo campaign. The book is done in terms of artwork and  lettering.The funds raised will go into getting the book printed and getting it out to fans. The funds will also help to recoup some of the cost of the production for ‘The Wounded’ comic . If we are very successful the remaining funds will go into funding the sequel to this comic.  Aside from receiving the comic in physical or digital form, the printed copies of The Diary of the Stray Dogs: ‘The Wounded’ come with two variant covers and a limited edition Holofoil cover.  In addition,  currently all backers will receive three free digital comics provided by fellow indie creators.  As we reach different stretch goals more digital comics will be released. Also available is a Diary of the Stray Dogs Tshirt and discounts on membership to the Alluhwi Comics – the 1st mobile platform for authentic Caribbean comic books – and Alluhwi Comics merch.

What is your ultimate vision for The Diary of The Stray Dogs: The Wounded

My ultimate goal is to finish the first set of stories set in this universe, as I have a lot more stories to tell in this world. I’m currently working on the Diary of the Stray Dogs: Indigo Child which will be released later this year.  For ‘The Wounded’ I would like to fully flesh out Shani’s story on her personal journey as she grows into the hardened leader of the Belcourt Maroons, a small band of mercenaries operating out of the Caribbean. 

What type of comic is The Diary of The Stray Dogs: The Wounded? Is it a digital only comic? A print comic? Do you have plans to expand the comic going forward? 

The Diary of The Stray Dogs: The Wounded is a 32-page colour comic book and is available in print and also available in digital hi-res PDF.  I’m open to the possibility of The Diary of the Stray Dogs expanding into other media, be it animated shorts, novels, audio dramas or even video games, as I’m an avid gamer. 

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