Interview by Sheena C. Howard with Mr. Joseph Chatman (co-author)

Can you tell us what Karma Kid is about and how many issues you’ve published so far?

Karma Kid is about an intelligent teenager named Demarco, trying to overcome peer pressure, bullying, domestic violence, and negativity in a corrupt evil world. So far we’ve published our 1st issue back on March 11th, 2021. Karma Kid issue 2 Day Of Reckoning, & Karma issue 3 Light Of Helios will be releasing soon in 2022.

What is your long-term vision for Karma Kid

Long term vision for Karma Kid is to partner with a digital streaming service to create a miniseries, or motion picture to appear in theaters around the world. Also, developing multiple NFTs, video game apps, and action figures to generate more revenue for Imperial Elite Comics, and bring awareness towards domestic violence, bullying, and peer pressure.

What is the inspiration behind the storyline?

Working as a Youth Behavior Specialist for the past 5 years, I’ve mentored many young children, and teenangers who’ve gone through domestic violence, bullying, and peer pressure. Karma Kid sets an example for children, parents and teachers not to remain silent, and refusing to let innocent children grow up in brutal environments. Instead, step forward to eradicate such practices in schools, and homes because they can badly affect the development and growth of a child. Children can never be successful in their later stages of life if they have gone through such traumatic conditions in their childhood.

What has been your biggest challenge with producing this series so far? What advice would you have for someone who is just getting started in comics? 

As a writer, anytime you tap into the ugly truth about real life circumstances it can be gut wrenching. I rather be a truth teller bringing darkness to the light to overcome these obstacles our youth are facing everyday across the world. Far as illustration goes, connecting with an artist that can illustrate the script to perfection is a wonderful combination. Karina from Key Design Studios is a key contributor for Imperial Elite Comics.

Tap into your imagination, your mind is limitless! Once you develop muscle memory for writing comic storylines it will become second nature. Always remember what you do the most, you will become a master of those habits.

Can you tell us a little about your comic book publishing company?

Imperial Elite Comics is an independent self-publishing company. We believe in removing the gatekeepers, and fully investing in our books to receive 100% compensation from our creations. We do utilize the KDP Amazon Kindle format for Ebooks etc. Far as hardcopies we control the distribution and print from all books under the Imperial Elite Comics banner.

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