New Comic Offers Action, Espionage And Science Fiction, Terminus Veil

Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard with Jack Harris Jr. (Writer and Creator of Terminus Veil)

Tell us a little more about the publisher of the comic series, Terminus Veil?

We are Clash Digital Publishing.  We entertain our customers by telling action based stories that include a diverse set of characters that our customers can relate to.

Who is the creative team behind Terminus Veil?

Jordan Gunderson provides stunning line art which is beautifully inked by Bee Rohlfs. The colouring was wonderfully done by Yuliia Shetsova and I can’t forget Boknok Buhisan for the amazing lettering. The creator and writer of Terminus Veil is myself, Jack Harris Jr.

What makes this comic book series different from the other books that are already out there? 

Terminus Veil follows a private security team known as Guardians International. They protect scientific inventions and high profile V.I.P.s. There are few things that make this book different from others. First is our detailed mysterious story. The origins of the story are influenced by anime and manga like Ghost in the Shell and Naruto. Second is our diverse set of characters. We want this book to reflect the people of the world. Inclusive to different races, genders, cultures and lifestyles. Last is our obsession with high quality action. We want to showcase our artists creating the most explosive, exciting scenes in comics.

Why should people check out this comic book series?

If you are the type of person that enjoys a fine blend of action, sci fi and mystery in your comic book, Terminus Veil is for you. We plan for the series to run for a long time but still have 4 to 5 issue arcs so you can get a good full story in a reasonable amount of time. We are very passionate about the quality of the book and are obsessively working to make it better each issue.

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