Interview with author Moeti Ncube

By: Sheena C. Howard, 3/9/2021

1. What inspired you to write, The Hell Trip?

I had a philosophical point that I wanted to make and I felt like telling a story would be the best way to convey it. This story reimagines hell as something humans created rather than something God created. Sometimes people ponder why a good God would create hell, this story leads us to ponder why good humans would create hell!

2. Can you tell us more about the storyline and plot of The Hell Trip?

The story is about a woman who discovers some of her grandfather’s old files from when he worked on a top-secret government project. Those files contained a formula for producing an extremely powerful weapon that could cause immense human suffering. The story journals her and her grandfather grappling with this power.

3. Who did the artwork for the book and what was the creative process for the illustrations?

I found an artist on Fiverr. I gave him a story with panel by panel descriptions of each scene and allowed him to use that as a guide to create the illustrations. He would send me a batch of illustrations at a time and I would suggest revisions as I saw fit. But we worked really well together so the process went really smoothly.

4. Can you talk to us a little about your creative process for this comic?

I started by first pondering a philosophical question. I then imagined a basic story that could help others ponder that question. This process was the anchor driving the story development.

5. What is your long-term vision for The Hell Trip?

I hope it inspires others to tell stories that encapsulate their deepest thoughts about human existence.

Want to learn more?

You can find The Hell Trip on Kindle for free or on paperback for $9.99, here.