Interview with comic creator Omarr Moore about his Kickstarter campaign for The New Knights

By: Sheena C. Howard, 8-13-2020

1. Can you tell us about your new Kickstarter campaign?

This campaign is to introduce book four of The New Knights. The New Knights is a team of Black Superheroes in the Black Light Universe. For the past two years I have been working diligently on bringing these superheroes and their stories to life. I have been self-publishing and working in my free time to make sure that my passion for comic books is portrayed in all of my work.

2. What inspired you to create the Black Light Universe?

Since I was a kid I have been drawing comic books, on notebook or typing paper. My older cousin Stan and I created characters and stories from our imagination. We always drew Black characters or characters who were people of color. The Black Light Universe was created out of these childhood stories.

3. What will the money you raise on Kickstarter help you achieve?

The money fundraised on Kickstarter will help me with the self-publishing and advertising costs. Making comic books is expensive. Even though I write and draw everything myself it is extremely laborious to get it done and publishing, manufacturing, and distribution is costly if you’re trying to get your books out to a larger audience. I’ve done three on my own so far, then I realized that the Kickstarter platform may help ease the burden. Eventually I’d like to hire some help lol, there’s a couple of young artists who I have my eye on that I would love to help get them into the game.

4. Who in the comic book industry has been an inspiration for your work?

Stan Lee of course for obvious reasons, I don’t think any comic book creator of the modern era wasn’t influenced by his genius; but also Dwayne McDuffie and the guys over at Milestone. What they did creating the Dakotaverse and being a minority owned and ran comic book company inspired what myself and many black indie comic creators are trying to do now. To see their characters on TV and now part of the DC Universe is amazing. Dwayne was also instrumental in bringing us the Justice League animated series that we all loved, and bringing John Stewart’s Green Lantern to the mainstream.  Rest in peace to both of those legends.

5. Where can people find you on social media?

@ble_comics on Instagram and Facebook

You can go HERE to support this Kickstarter campaign. Time is running out!