Interview by Dr. Sheena C. Howard with Archie “Ryu”, Owner of Gods and Legends

First, can you tell us what an NFT is and why you are releasing a digital NFT version of this new comic? Will there also be a physical version of Hermis: The Messenger God released?

NFTs can be drawings, music, photos, artwork + more, and they exist in the digital world. Think of an NFT as a digital collectable. NFT stands for “Non Fungible Token”, which means that it is a one of a kind digital piece of data and cannot be duplicated or replicated. It has all the information regarding its history, authenticity and price attached to it in metadata.

Since NFT’s are digital they can be used for many more things other than collecting. The use cases are still being discovered on a monthly basis.

The Gods and Legends creators have decided to launch an animated NFT fan-led comic book. But this is not just any regular comic that you’d find on store shelves. Their comics are going to have a bit of a twist to them.

The first differentiating factor would be the physical and animated digital release of the comic. The book will be released as an animated NFT comic online and will also be selling hard copies of the same with a QR code attachment for the digital NFT version. You can use the digital NFT version for earning hourly GNL rewards + voting for decisions and you can still own the physical copy and proudly show it off at home.

Who is the publisher behind Hermis: The Messenger God and can you tell us a little about the publishing company? 

Gods and Legends NFT

You say that this comic will be interactive as well as fan-led. Can you explain how fans will be able to participate in the storyline and character outcomes? 

The community makes the decisions. This means that the comic book is going to be interactive, as well as fan-led. All the NFT holders will have a say in deciding the outcome of a story. Want to save your favorite character? Want to decide who dies next? Well, no problem, just get some NFT comics and get to voting and lobbying. In order to vote you will have to own one of our comics and access the voting platform at Each vote will cost you GNL tokens which you will earn hourly from holding our comics in your inventory. Each comic also has a different rarity which serves as a multiplier for the votes you buy. [Common rarity: x1 votes] [Rare rarity: x2 votes] [Legendary rarity: x3 votes]

I love this concept. I notice that there will be a “staking feature to the comic book NFTs”. Can you explain how people will earn GNL tokens every hour for holding the comic books NFTs? Also, why is this important?

All of our NFT’s including our comic can passively earn you GNL token every hour as long as they are in your inventory. You can use this GNL token to purchase upcoming NFTs in your shop or you can sell/trade it on crypto exchanges like alcor exchange. The GNL token will also have more uses down the line like physical purchases, and used in our upcoming NFT Play to earn game. The comics will have 3 different rarities. Common, Rare & Legendary. Each rarity will have different features, [Common: Black and white, non animated] [Rare: Color, non-animated] [Legendary: Color, fully animated]. Each rarity will have different staking rates, legendary being the highest.

Who is the creative team behind Hermis: The Messenger God? How has the process of collaboration been with the team?

The author of the series is Ilya Bourne. Ilya has always had a love for history and mythology. He has been reading and writing manga for over 15 years. Some of his favorite reads are Bleack, Gants, and One Piece. He has combined his knowledge of manga and passion for mythology into one universe through the Gods and Legends comics. Jose Paola De Torres is the comic artist. He is a freelance artist from the Philippines who specializes in comic books, illustrations and animations. Charles Bryan is the character design artist. He is the co-owner of Gods and Legends and has been creating physical and digital art for over 15 years.

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