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Sheena C. Howard is an award-winning author, producer and educator located in Philadelphia, PA.
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The C.R.E.A.T.E.S. Process

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The CREATES process is a step-by-step guide for parents to help their young children become published authors on Amazon. Starting with ‘Compose,’ it teaches storytelling and illustration basics. Next, ‘Read’ encourages children to share their stories, fostering confidence. Editing involves how to get the artwork done, and transferring the manuscript to a publishing platform like KDP are covered in subsequent steps. Finally, ‘Evaluate’ ensures quality, and ‘Sell’ teaches marketing and the value of ownership. This 7-step process is not just about book creation; it’s about nurturing creativity, empowerment, and expression through the journey of publishing.

CREATES, stands for: C – Compose, R – Read, E – Edit, A – Artwork, T – Transfer, E – Evaluate, S – Sell.

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Sheena Howard

Dr. Sheena C. Howard is the first Black woman to win an Eisner award at San Diego Comic-Con for her first book, Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation (2014). The Eisner is considered the ‘Oscars of Comics.’ Howard has published comic books for both Marvel (Illusion of Fairness, 2023) and DC (Fresh Air in Philly, 2021, and others) comics. She has written a graphic novel and stage play for DMC (from RUN-DMC), published with Bloomsbury (Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation, 2014), Chicago Review Press (Encyclopedia of Black Comics, 2017), BenBella Press (Why Wakanda Matters, 2021), and more. In addition, her work has received numerous book awards, including an American Library Association’s Outstanding Reference Sourcebook award and more. Her books have been featured in Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more. She is also the subject of an Emmy-nominated episode of State of the Arts. Finally, Dr. Howard writes and ghostwrites for celebrities, CEOs, and social impact companies that seek to empower, inspire, and motivate.

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